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The easiest way to negotiate job offers

Bringing job seekers and employers together to negotiate the best job offer
Job seekers are missing out

 "Job seekers could be earning $7,500 more per year if they negotiate." -Glassdoor, 2021

Job seekers are losing out

"Job seekers lose around $7,500 if they do not negotiate their salary." - Glassdoor, 2021

Remove the guess work from negotiating a job offer and instead, review multiple offers to find the best one for you. 

How it works

How it works


Job Seeker provides preferences

Tell us about your preferences including salary, overall compensation options, level of flexibility, and any other detail that is important to you.


Employer provides preferences

Outline your preferences for each job offer you want to submit and let us do the rest. 


Receive your match

PayPro League compares the preferences, produces a match and prompts both parties with options on how to revise their preferences to find the best fit. 

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