Ashley Facio




In 2019, a friend came to me for help on how to ask for a raise. She handed me a piece of paper printed from an online salary tool that said she is worth more than what she is being paid. I quickly realized her salary tool was not telling the full story. As a former compensation professional with experience creating salary structures, I felt as though it was my responsibility to educate her on why this salary tool was comparing apples to oranges. You see, today's resources are often self-reported from incumbents who are not experts in salaries. After painting a more realistic picture for my friend, she walked away feeling like she better understood her salary, and I walked away knowing I had more work to do. 


PayPro League prepares job seekers for the dreaded question, "what is your desired salary?". 

Our solution is two-fold; provide job seekers with a unique user experience that is educational, real-time, and realistic, which also reduces the number of great candidates organizations lose during the salary negotiation process.


SIMPLY PUT: I am a former collegiate athlete who graduated college with no relevant work experience on my blank resume. I joined Human Resources to understand how organizations recruit and retain talent to help athletes transition into the workforce. Turns out most job seekers struggle with understanding how their skills translate into the workforce with a corresponding salary amount. As a board member, I co-founded the Oklahoma City Human Resources Society Emerging Professionals group to help individuals develop their careers. Now, I'm bridging pay gaps and creating PayPros so job seekers can take control of their careers by joining our League.